The Research 1 Methods workshop is a taught programme introducing first year master students to research in architecture. It aims at developing methodological and conceptual capabilities that are applicable to the disciplines of architecture. The subject of the different workshops will reflect the symbiosis between design practice and history and theory and allows for scholarships to be placed within a deeper understanding of architecture as a whole. The workshops will be developed through a series of weekly meetings and intensive working sessions. Research is here understood as a range of techniques employed to generate knowledge about design that can be mobilized in design. It is conducted through a set of tools and apparatuses for inquiry from diagramming and mapping to model making and from archival research to oral history. Each Research 1 Methods workshop will be assessed by the submission of a portfolio of text and images that includes both group and individual work.

RM1Ben Blackwell
Campus Architecture:
Science and the City
RM2Eamonn Canniffe
White Heat:
UMIST / ID Manchester
RM3Luca Csepely-Knorr, Amber Roberts and Matthew Steele
Designing for Welfare:
The Architecture and Landscape of Post-1945 Public Housing
RM4Kim Förster
An Environmental History of Cement
Critical Building Material of the 20th Century
RM5Deljana Iossifova
Decolonising the Bathroom:
taking Kira ‘round the world
RM6Alan Lewis
User Representation in Architecture
RM7Ray Lucas
Film Architecture VII:
Domesticity on Screen
RM8Leandro Minuchin
Prefigurative Architectures:
Popular Logistics and Municipalism During the Pandemic
RM9David Mountain
Urban Anti-Urbanism in the 20th Century
RM10Kasia Nawratek
D E E P cutting E D G E:
Deep Mapping of Manchester Edgelands
RM11Fadi Shayya
Mobile Architectures