White Heat:

UMIST / ID Manchester

Course Leader

Eamonn Canniffe

As part of a long term campus consolidation strategy the University of Manchester has decided to develop the former UMIST campus adjacent to Piccadilly Station (and the proposed HS2 station) as ID Manchester, an innovation district.

M.Arch students looked at the history of the site up to the present day. This took place alongside a ‘design component’ conducted by MA A+U students, looking at the potential of the site in the light of Manchester’s future development.

Research analysed the historical development of the site from its state immediately prior to early industrial exploitation in the mid 18th century through to its current situation in the form of drawings and models. The ‘design component’ proposed future development of the site, respecting the listed structures and exploring new functions in the buildings and spaces which will help connect this area into the changing city around it.


Adya Saran

Alexander John Wallace

Andrea Foscaro

Anna Gleis

Charlotte Keen

Elicia Kelly

Emily Walsh

Hanjun Kim

Huang Kuolin

John Dollosa

Julian Ng

Kian Hennessey

Neha Ashok Bellad

Peter Staniforth

Ricky Wong

Youssef Shafiek